"She Dragonnnn!!! GUESS WHAT????!!!!!! My skin fold on my left cheek close to my nose is GONE!!!!! What a miracle!!!! OMG!!!! Even my wrinkles around my eyes are GONE!!! I only usedZIDZY™ Starter Kit last night following the instruction briefly and when I woke up this morning I noticed my facial skin had changed dramatically! Thank you very much! Ms. Zaida Aguilar! You're such a GENIUS!!!!!!!!" Kuma Mori in Japan

​Photo taken October, 2017


Stories of skin conditions that were successfully transformed

with the ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products Line.

Science-based Dermal Nutrition

"I did not take care of my skin all my adult life just like all men do. When Dr. Zoraida Aguilar came for the interview at ARTV1 station in Little Rock, I was amazed by the ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products. I started using it the second time she visited and after three months, my skin was softer, younger looking and more supple! I love her products! My wife could not believe how much it changed the texture of my skin!" Curtis Coleman of Little Rock, AR, USA

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"The ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products eliminated the dryness and dullness of my skin. It is a very soothing soft and incredible product. All my friends and family have noticed the glow and the youthfulness of  my skin." Brenda of Fayetteville, AR, USA.

"My skin is dry and the ZIDZY™ Starter Kit dramatically moisturized it! This is the best all natural skin care product I've ever used!" Amanda in Kansas City, MO, USA.

                     ZIDZY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS

"After my major surgery in 2015, my skin became dull and dry. My fine lines started to appear. Three months after the wound closed up, I went back into my daily application of theZIDZY™ Skin Care Products. In two weeks, the youthful glow of my skin came back." Zaida in Fayetteville, AR, USA

​Photo taken in Sept, 2017


"The ZIDZY Night Cream formulated by Zaida Aguilar is effective! I've

been using it now for three weeks and everyone has noticed the visible

changes on my face! My skin is softer, smoother and it has a luster or

blooming glow! I love it! I urge you to try it!" Monica, VA, USA

May 19, 2013


"One of the Skin Care product line invented by our very own classmate and friend - Zaida Aguilar, I highly recommend to me women of all ages! I'm currently using it and after just 2 weeks, I can see a very remarkable improvement on my skin! Two thumbs up to your invention Kabsat!! :)) Love it!! " May 17, 2013; Edna Ferrer Turray, HONG KONG


Edna Ferrer Turray, Hong Kong: “I have used the samples which came with the ZIDZY™ SKIN CARE PRODUCTS package from the US for a week . It woks very well on my skin. My skin texture has improved a lot and my dry skin changed to smoother and softer skin”.
“The exfoliating cream really works very well on my skin as well! I've been using this for two weeks now and the results are fantastic! Zidzy products deliver the results! I recommend you give it a try to see it for yourself!” May 15, 2013

“The skin whitener diminishes my freckles! Many of my friends noticed the finer younger looking skin I have on my face after using the Zidzy regimen for only one week! In the case of my daughter, she likes the Age Defying Oil Mix which erases the fine lines around her eyes.” May 11, 2013, Lulu Ramos, New Jersey, USA

"I can definitely attest to the wonder and effectiveness of ZIDZY SKIN CARE on my skin! It is simply SPECTACULAR!!! It's TRULY a MUST TRY product. Try it once and you'll find yourself in fascination. You will realize you can't do without ZIDZY anymore….." May 1, 2013, Claire VIllanueva, Businesswoman, Manila, Philippines

"I used Zidzy skin care products and in less than 24 hours, the vertical lines between my eyebrows on my forehead disappeared! I also noticed that the circles around my eyes are less noticeable. Amazing invention!!!! You are a genius. I'm so very proud of you!" — April 25, 2013, Marlene Aguilar, Quezon City, Philippines

"You'll see me Tuesday and you'll see how my face changed. Claire Villanueva was at the house last night and she was surprised to see how the lines on my face diminished greatly. Si Maria naman sabi baka daw nagpa botox ako. I saw her at ISM yesterday. Juice ko! Ni hindi ko inisip magpa botox kahit kailan!!!!! April 26, 2013, Marlene Aguilar, Quezon City, Philippines

"I used Zidzy and in 24 hours, the vertical lines between my eyebrows above my nose diminished to 70%. It's amazing!" 12:18 AM….April 27, 2013, Marlene Aguilar, Quezon City, Philippines

"Hello everybody. I started using these products as of April 1st. I really love the skin whitener the most. I apply on the dark spots on my face (Due to aging .. LOL !!) and I can see the results..."April 26, 2013, Elaine Jimenez, Texas, USA

"I have been using the ZIDZY™ Skin Care Products for several years now. These have kept my skin supple and moisturized at all times. I don't suffer from skin flaking during the changes in temperature because of the Zidzy Skin Care Products," Steve of Quezon City, Philippines.